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Fish Poppers

Makes 20


1 packet of Spring Roll Wrappers
1 jar Jalapenos, drain 20 jalapenos on a paper towel
Cheese, whatever flavours you prefer. Sliced into 20x 6cm long x 1cm wide x 1/2cm thick pieces (roughly)
500g fresh Snapper Fillets, cut roughly into 20x 6cm long x 1cm wide x 1cm thick pieces
Oil for frying

Dipping Sauce
½ cup sweet chilli sauce and juice of ½ lime mixed together


  1. You can use a deep fryer, wok or deep pot for frying.  Preheat your oil.
    If you are using a wok or pot make sure you use enough oil to come up ½ way of the pot or wok.

  2. Keep your spring roll wrappers under a damp cloth to prevent drying out.  Use 1 sheet at a time.  Put 1 piece of fish in the bottom corner then place a slice of cheese then jalapeno on top (tear the jalapeno at one end and layout flat).

  3. Start rolling your spring roll, fold in both sides and finish rolling. Wet the end of the wrapper to seal it.

  4. Test your oil is hot enough before you start to fry.  Fry your poppers until golden and serve with sweet chilli lime dipping sauce. ENJOY!