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About us...


Tony, Bea, Sami and Brooke

- The travelling fishing family


Tony a professional charter captain and international fishing guide, Bea an experienced angler who is a passionate seafood cook, young Sami the outgoing travelling explorer and Brooke a very recent arrival to the Family. Between Tony and Bea they have over 36 years experience in guiding and hospitality and love nothing more than showing their guests an experience of a life time.

When Tony and Bea are not travelling and guiding overseas they run their boutique fishing charter business Offshore Adventures out of Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand.


"One day you wake up and realise life is short and you have to get out there and try to live your dreams the best you can. This is our journey as a family, to travel, to fish and to meet some special people along the way. For us life is all about making memories and sharing experiences"

“We don’t fish to escape life, we fish to live life"

Tony & Bea

Conservation Ethos...

We all have a vital part to play in the care and well being of our oceans and even more so if you spend most of your life on it or make a living from the sea.


The team here at Offshore Adventures are constantly looking for ways to reduce the impact on our marine environment. Here is a list of some policies we have in place so we can do our part in looking after our marine environment for our children’s children.

  • While fishing with bait (dead and live) Offshore Adventures only uses non offset circle hooks. Circle hooks are proven to have a high hook up rate in the corner of the jaw of the fish reducing the chance of internal damage and giving the anglers the choice to be able to release the fish in the best possible condition.

  • All fishing is drift or trolling. We will not anchor when fishing to prevent damaging the seafloor with ground tackle and anchors, our reef systems are fragile and excessive anchoring strips reefs of kelp beds and damages natural habitats that are the life line to healthy reef and Eco systems. Our Minn Kota electric tolling motor helps keep us on the spot and dramatically reduces the use of an anchor.

  • Offshore Adventures has a strict billfish release policy for its New Zealand and overseas fishing adventures.

  • For New Zealand fishing charters Offshore Adventures have a maximum keep policy of only 1 kingfish person.